Clean and Modern Home for a Wild Landscape

From Margaret Everton on September 21, 2010 in Los Angeles

Tucked away in LA‘s rolling hillsides and spectacular canyons, the Chalon Road Residence by Rockefeller Architects contrasts stunning modern architecture with the wild natural surroundings. At first glance, it’s clear that natural light and unencumbered views are of paramount importance to the design. Plenty of windows also make the home look warm and inviting. los angeles wild landscape A thick wall in the interior creates a clear distinction between the public and private rooms. Incorporated subtly into the designs, the separation isn’t obvious at first glance. A soft color palette makes the space feel calm and serene. los angeles wood tones Warm wood tones throughout the kitchen make the space appear seamless and add a touch of nature to the cool stainless steel appliances. los angeles kitchenlos angeles bathroom The bathroom design echoes that of the kitchen with crisp, clean lines. As you can see, every room was decorated with minimalism in mind. los angeles picture window Here, the exterior steel beams visible from inside the home provide an industrial element nicely juxtaposed with the lush green foliage. With loads of design ingenuity, Rockefeller Architects prove that a modern style doesn’t have to mean cold and uncomfortable. Another home well done.

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