Charlotte Home Office Design with a Personal Twist

From Margaret Everton on February 25, 2010 in Charlotte

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In a world with too many rules, Lisa Sherry feels completely comfortable breaking them. At least when it comes to her choice in home design. An interior designer by trade, Sherry needed a space that could meet her work needs during the week and quirky comfort requirements on the weekends. Her solution? Filling her Charlotte home with pieces that represented her professional taste while also catering to her unique personality.

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Sherry’s first rule of thumb: no matter what you do, always mismatch. Her dining room table, which doubles as a meeting space and breakfast nook, displays two types of chairs: French wing chairs and Philippe Stark Lucite Ghost chairs.

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She extends this idea to her walls, where she has a mish-mash of oil paintings, mirrors, and 3-D art, all in an attempt to cover the ample space provided by 20-foot ceilings. An iron ladder doubles as wall art and a towel rack in her bathroom as well.

charlotte office bedroom

With so much of her time spent in this space, Sherry’s next rule of thumb is comfort. Two self-designed eight-foot-long daybeds serve as plush seating for clients and a comfortable sleeping spot for overnight guests. A fear of intense color has left most of her home draped in warm neutral tones that provide a quiet serenity for her and her work.

With a space housing this much style and comfort who would want to go to the office?

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