Bringing Hot California Style to Charlotte

June 08, 2010 in Charlotte

Relocating 3,000 miles across country can be tough, but saying goodbye to SoCal’s temperate climate and sunny beaches might be even harder. So when Pat and Elizabeth Rondero uprooted their brood to Charlotte, North Carolina, they... read full post →

Beachside Vacation Home with an Uncommon Simplicity

March 01, 2010 in Charlotte

It’s a common theme in home renovation. A homebuyer sees an intriguing house, has a dream, takes a risk, and hits the jackpot. It’s that kind of plot that characterized the saga of the Veltman beachside vacation home.... read full post →

Charlotte Home Office Design with a Personal Twist

February 25, 2010 in Charlotte

In a world with too many rules, Lisa Sherry feels completely comfortable breaking them. At least when it comes to her choice in home design. An interior designer by trade, Sherry needed a space that could meet her work needs during... read full post →