Castro/Upper Market Home Gets More than Just a Facelift

From Margaret Everton on January 22, 2010 in San Francisco

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Not too many people live in a home where the view from the back porch is worthy of a postcard. Kurt Grundman does. The house didn’t come without some hard work. For Grundman, it was a house-flipping dream that turned into a three-year saga.

In the beginning, there was ugly.

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So ugly, in fact, that it was almost enough to pass up. The barren walls and barracks-like bedrooms spoke absolutely nothing of beauty. It demanded a total gut of a remodel in order to eradicate every semblance of the home’s original look and feel.

So, why did he buy it?

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Grundman was sold on the view. Stepping onto his back porch, you’ll see why. The home has a breathtakingly perfect view of the city of San Francisco. From the clear sightline of downtown and a horizon perspective taking in the distant hills, the porch and master bedroom present a view that is almost to die for.

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Inside Story

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Now post-gut, the inside of this Castro/Upper Market home has its own story to tell. The Victorian façade gives the home’s modern edge a bit of classic elegance, but doesn’t quite prepare you for what’s to come. The home is built for luxurious comfort—no questions about that. The home theater contains a wall-to-wall screen, fronted with the incredible mustard sofa which has a fuzzy leather feel that makes you instantly relax.

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Now we’re cookin’!

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If you have any room for your jaw to drop any further, walk into the kitchen. Here is where owner-remodeler Grundman finds his pride and joy. The kitchen is a perfectly modern one—sleek lines, abundant light, clean edges and arrant minimalism. You won’t miss the six-burner Wolf gas range, the sink big enough to be a bath and the Viking stainless hood.

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This home gives a new sense to the word “rehab.” Nothing of the original dwelling exists. It has been replaced by an awe-inspiring home that has incredible appeal and interminable charm.

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