Can You Downgrade Bathroom Size and Still Retain Comfort?

From Margaret Everton on February 18, 2010 in Los Angeles

Despite misconceptions of massive, spa-quality bathrooms dominating Los Angeles home design, most of us actually make do with average-to-small-sized bathrooms. But is this necessarily a bad thing? What constitutes the right size for a bathroom? Does your bathroom really need to be an in-home spa with vast amounts of square footage, or can you slice off size and still retain comfort? Here’s how to add a bit of green to your lifestyle, save some serious cash, and live a little simpler when it comes to small bathrooms. los angeles small bathroom remodel

Small Doesn’t Mean Sacrifice

A sacrifice in bathroom size doesn’t mean a sacrifice in the conveniences that a bathroom should have. In fact, smaller bathrooms can boast the same retinue of conveniences and pleasures as their bigger cousins. Efficiency and scale are the new buzzwords in durable manufacturing. Simplicity reigns, not space. Therefore, there’s no need to sacrifice on the level of comfort you can enjoy in a smaller bathroom space.

Strategic Storage Means More Space

los angeles small bathroom cabinets

One of the biggest space hogs is storage. And, of course, every bathroom needs ample storage space. But there’s a way to be strategic about it. Using under-sink space or storage cabinets above the toilets can be beautiful and add a lot of square footage to your storage needs.

Showering, Not Bathing

How often do you take a bath? How necessary is it? More and more, homeowners are saying a permanent goodbye to the tub. Not only does it take up a lot of room, but it also doesn’t exactly do the same clean job on a body that a good shower does. Since showerheads have advanced technologically, they provide maximum clean, and perhaps a superior relaxation than baths. In addition, they help save on your water costs.

Small baths needn’t be less stylish, convenient or relaxing. As you downsize your living space, you may find that you’re simultaneously upsizing your happiness.

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