Can a Funny-Man Cartoonist Handle a Full-Scale Tudor Remodel?

From Margaret Everton on March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

The answer is yes, but only after 3.5 years of painstaking prep work. Why did it take him so long? Call it artistic vision.

“I focus on details that drive me nuts,” award-winning cartoonist Eric Decetis told Sacramento Magazine. “I start one thing and work until I finish. I can’t focus on anything else until that’s done.”

So when Decetis purchased this Land Park, Sacramento Tudor home, he was intent on remodeling with his own vision in mind. What followed were 42 months and eight days of construction and design work with Jim Fargo Construction and Mary Ann Downey Interior Design at the helm.

The original structure was built in 1929 by Squeaky Williams, a popular local builder praised for his work. Decetis hoped to keep the bare bones of the house intact, performing all remodeling work without altering the home’s structural integrity.

The end result is a Tudor-style home with vintage touches and 21st-century functional design. Each room was constructed with solid craftsmanship and a cohesive design that flows throughout the house.

Decetis was more than pleased with how the extensive remodels turned out. But with a project that spanned nearly three and a half years, I would certainly hope he’d be.

Photo Credit: Sacramento Magazine

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