Bursting at the Seams: A Noteworthy DC Addition

From Margaret Everton on April 7, 2010 in Washington DC

Homes are, at times, like clothes; no matter how big we buy them, there comes a time where there’s just no more room to grow. Howard Glaser and Karen Hinton experienced these growing pains in their five-bedroom Great Falls Colonial home. But instead of buying a whole new outfit, they ripped out the seams and added a whopping 800 square feet. washington dc colonial kitchen After bringing the talented Anthony Wilder Design/Build on board, they put in a second-story addition along with higher ceilings, a large, gorgeous window, extra-wide French doors and new lighting. The couple was already in love with their 150-year-old-reclaimed wood floors originally from a Georgia cotton mill, so they tracked down matching boards from Mountain Lumber Co. in Ruckersville, Virginia. The couple also added a cast iron Aga Four Oven Cooker in the kitchen, along with a radiant heating system that weighs an astounding 1,300 pounds. With the Colonial style still intact, this DC home now has more space to display all that charm.

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