Build it Green Home is Equal Parts Stylish and Smart

From Margaret Everton on May 24, 2010 in Los Angeles

Combating the smog and environmental damage in Los Angeles can be a tough feat, but homes like the Jacobson Residence are doing their part to make living green a natural way of life. los angeles green pool This “eco residence” built by LA-based Wick Architecture earned certification by both Build It Green and Energy Star upon completion, and stands to teach other firms a thing or two about sustainability. Besides using eco materials and being energy- and water-efficient, the home fits in quite nicely with the fashionable city in which it’s located. los angeles green flooring Amazingly enough, 4,000 square feet were squeezed out of this small urban lot, allowing for a fair amount of interior space. In order to cut down on energy costs, each room has access to the outdoors, and several windows allow natural light to fulfill much of the electricity needs of the home. The second floor reaches out over the first floor, which helps to shade the lower level. los angeles green kitchen To help cut down on water usage, rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in tanks to take care of the backyard and garden. Use of xeriscaping allows for the rest of the landscape to thrive off of rain alone. The interior of the home is light and airy with natural wood touches to bring it all together. An always-present view of nature provides much of the decoration. los angeles green landscaping There’s nothing like a stylish home created with the environment in mind. This is definitely a design worth learning from.

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