Budget Remodeling Finally Pays Off

From Margaret Everton on June 11, 2010 in Baltimore

When Stacey and Harry Halpert began house-hunting some 16 years ago, they had half a thought on the future and the other on their meager present-day budget. Buying a fixer-upper seemed to be the only possible option, so they snatched up this home outside Baltimore and began a long series of renovations. Given their limited amount of expendable cash, the couple knew that this would have to be tackled in small and manageable chunks. The first order of business: do away with the closed-off feel of the entryway by enlarging the doorway between the foyer and living room. Then, they removed a 1970s solarium that had been added to the exterior and created a wraparound porch that pays homage to the home’s old farmhouse feel. baltimore budget entry The bigger structural changes were put on hold as the couple turned their attention to interior design. They enlisted the help of Catherine Bitter Interiors to help them slowly piece together this traditional design with a youthful vibe. baltimore budget living room Yellows and reds were carried throughout the lower level, adding to the light and airy feel of each room. baltimore budget dining room The dining room, while still in line with the design scheme, was given a darker coat of paint. baltimore budget kitchen After a few years of waiting and saving, the couple was able to begin working on their dream kitchen/master suite addition. For this project, they asked Baltimore area architect Sarah Schweizer to lend a hand. The challenge: create the addition with the same look and feel of the home’s original structure. In the end, they had an eat-in kitchen overlooking a remodeled family room, and a large master suite complete with small seating area. Large furniture pieces and romantic touches helped make each room blend seamlessly with the rest of the house. baltimore budget bedroom Since purchasing their home over a decade ago, the Halperts have added three sons into the mix. Luckily, their long series of renovation allowed them to adjust to life’s changes accordingly— without starting all over again.

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