Boston Design Firm Wears Many Hats

March 10, 2011 in Boston

Acting as both contractor and architect on all of their projects, Boston design firm Domus likes to be fully entrenched in the process of creating a home from start to finish. So when clients need a simple addition, or someone to make... read full post →

Pure Design Genius at Work in Boston Loft Remodel

April 30, 2010 in Boston

Who says stainless steel should be reserved for appliances? Della Valle Bernheimer utilized the sleek material to build a wall in this Boston loft. The goal was to accentuate the home’s three main areas: private/domestic,... read full post →

The Best of Both Worlds: A New Hampshire Getaway

March 01, 2010 in Boston

With a life and business entrenched in city living, interior designer Sheila Galligan and her family realized they could have it all with a second home in the serene town of Franconia, New Hampshire. With nearly three times the amount... read full post →

Trash into Home Treasures: the Art of Boston Second-Hand Decor

March 01, 2010 in Boston

Ever wondered if there was anything worth buying at yard sales, Goodwill and flea markets? One peek inside the Meyers’ home, and you’ll answer yourself with a resounding yes. One may register a bit of surprise, but John and... read full post →

Tales of Boston Remodeling: Historical Restorations

February 12, 2010 in Boston

Historical Restorations, Showers at the Gym and Other Such Trials If you’ve done anything in the way of remodeling, this is going to sound familiar. First, you’ve got a tight budget. Money is at a premium. Second,... read full post →