Bipolar House?  Noe Valley Renovation Job Gets a Complete Transformation

From Margaret Everton on December 29, 2009 in San Francisco

In the upscale neighborhood of Noe Valley, one house underwent a dramatic change. Its owners, realizing the beauty and historicity of the home’s original facade, wanted to keep that old-style look, but at the same time bring the rest of the home up to modern advancement. Sounds like a fairly standard operating procedure, right? Keep the old look and get newer stuff. But there’s something you need to understand here. By “modern standards,” the owners weren’t just talking about a new Energy Star dishwasher. They meant a whole-home transformation, the end result of which looked like something from a sci-fi movie. Here is a house that is eerily bipolar, yet unbelievably awesome. The front looks like a Colonial-era home with classic windows, gables, trim and siding to match. The back of the house is a wall of glass and white surfaces. The house is full of light. The master bedroom, for example, has windows that stretch the entire way around the outside, from knee-height all the way to the ceiling. The corner glass window is a sight to behold, but gives the home a complete openness to the outdoors. The bathroom, decked out with designer features and sleek accoutrements is a tribute to contemporary design. Light even comes in above the stairs from a skylight and down the stairwell. The stairs themselves are transparent, which makes you look twice before putting your next foot down. The designers knocked down walls and replaced them with glass in order to flood the home with natural light. The home looks just like a beautiful song sounds. You wouldn’t begin to guess what the rest of the house looks like by only looking at the front. It is a piece of art, a piece of beauty, and a piece which gets you thinking, hmm, I wonder if I can do that to my house? photos by, Sharon Risedorph

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