Big Living in a (Very) Small Space

From Margaret Everton on April 7, 2010 in San Diego

While living in a 700-square-foot home may be akin to taking up residence in a closet for some, Eric and Lauren Wendlandt wouldn’t trade their tiny 1911 San Diego bungalow for anything. Of course, with her background in architecture and his in design, they happen to be perfectly equipped to make the cramped space functional. san diego dining room Since bulky items were out of the question, the couple found furniture, like this dining room table, that could expand as needed. Equally as cool, the modest hanging light above can be brought down during meal time. san diego living room Keeping functionality as the main goal, the couple chose this bench (above, to the left side) that can double as a storage space. And they didn’t skimp on the style department either. san diego small kitchenA tiny kitchen actually offered a wallet-friendly solution: avoid overbuying groceries to cut down on storage space and food spoilage. They were also able to buy their wine and keep it too, with this innovative vertical wine rack. san diego wine racksan diego office Organization is a key component in making this space habitable, so the couple chose to make even their shoe boxes (displayed here on an office wall) aesthetically pleasing. And their own helpful tip? If it doesn’t fit, you don’t need it. Clearly not having enough space is all a matter of opinion. Maybe downsizing isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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