Bellevue, Seattle Bathroom Remodel: Doing it Right

From Margaret Everton on December 18, 2009 in Bellevue

All I need to say is “70s bathroom,” and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Colors like clashing yellows, lime green, mini-tile, laminate gag - the whole nine yards. Sure, there are some people who prefer that style, but for most people with a fashion sense, it’s…a bit passé. adfadfaThe gorgeous floor-to-ceiling remodel Such was the case for Margaret, living in a 35-year-old Bellevue colonial saltbox. The house wasn’t the problem. The original bathroom design, however, was a different story. Margaret had dreams for her new bathroom design. It had to be relaxing—more like a spa rather than dingy like it used to be. It also had to fit. Because the saltbox architecture of the home didn’t entirely cohere with the typical West Coast home variety, the bathroom needed to somehow integrate Seattle style with East Coast architecture. Quite a challenge. bellevue bathroom vanities Not too big of a challenge for Margaret’s creativity, interior designer adviser and contractors. To accomplish the change, they gutted the bathroom. This job required that they start from square one—and even beyond. To give the constricted area a bit more real estate, they knocked out walls, and allowed the bathroom to take over an adjacent closet and vanity area, opening it up and giving the room more flow. That set the stage for the real design work. 70's bathrooomMargaret’s poor, outdated 70s-style bathroom Seattle is about urban chic, the modish and du jour, with a bit of international eclecticism. Yet at the same time, it must retain a sense of simplicity and reserve. First, let there be light. Installing an additional window immediately gave the room a lot of light and plenty more openness. Centering the door added symmetry, and two pedestal sinks gave the room a spacious ambiance. After that, the design went overseas with Chinese-style vases, mirrors and rug. Dark brass and the dark wood of the French metal medicine cabinet accentuated the airy brightness of the room. One of the room’s most attractive features is the freestanding vintage tub, but it’s hard to overlook other gems like the antique artwork and old-style plumbing fixtures and sinks. What Margaret and her designer achieved was the ultimate blend of saltbox design and Seattle sophistication. hat tip to Seattle Homes and Lifestyle

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