Beachside Remodel with 360-Degree Views

From Margaret Everton on September 13, 2010 in Los Angeles

Boasting breathtaking oceanfront views with windows galore, the small lot size of the Manhattan Ave. remodel by Rockefeller Architects doesn’t seem to be a problem after all. In fact, the interior of this immaculately designed home looks much more expansive than the dimensions suggest. los angeles beachside view With a design concept usually reserved for lighthouses, an upper loft space was added to take advantage of the amazing 360-degree views of the beach. All told, the place is a 2,293-square-foot home. los angeles beachside kitchen The kitchen, while still surrounded by windows, offers a bit more privacy than the rest of the structure. Expansive counter space and a unique wraparound bar make this room perfect for entertaining. los angeles beachside bathroom Understated elegance is the cornerstone of the master bath—a room that clearly encourages relaxation. Light counters and cabinets reflect the soft glow filtering in from outside. los angeles beachside living room The understated color palette continues in the living room, where variations of white and cream bring the space together in quiet comfort. While this SoCal beach spot cramped with tourists and locals alike may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it’s hard to imagine being unhappy in a home like this one.

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