Austin's Cool House Tour Goes Green

From Margaret Everton on June 11, 2010 in Austin

Behind the polished facade of the homes on Austin’s Cool House Tour are a network of professionals and homeowners beyond dedicated to the concept of “green living.” Together, they have brought the most spectacular eco-friendly innovations to life—all while making responsible building incredibly attractive. Now that’s an accomplishment worth sharing. austin solar rooftopModern Redo: 1950s home at 1613 Northumberland Road The tour, hosted by Texas Solar Energy Society and Austin Energy Green Building, consists of 12 homes that run the gamut from modest to luxurious. All homes, however, were built with the same goal in mind: to create a shining example of sustainable building and renewable energy. One of the homes on the tour, inherited by Patsy Overmiller and her husband Craig, an architect and co-owner of Texas Solar Power Co., was remodeled into a net-zero-energy home. The renovations took over two years, but in the end, their efforts led to a five-star rating from Austin Energy Green Building. austin solar home Among the additions to the original structure are a solar water heating system, electricity-generating home solar PV system, and a 7,900-gallon rainwater collection system. They also installed an integrated energy management system that allows them to oversee their energy usage at any moment—even if they’re away from home. With an impressive collection of eco-friendly homes to choose from, Austin proves that they deserve such accolades for their strides in green development. Keep up the good work!

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