Austin Design Excellence Awards: Best of the Whole House

From Margaret Everton on March 26, 2010 in Austin

It’s time to showcase some of the world’s most stunning architecture and design. The homes or rooms pictured below were recently granted Design Excellence Awards by the ASID Austin Chapter. We think you’ll agree that these works of art are worthy of honor, and a second glance. Or third. Or fourth.

Category: Residential Sustainable Residence

austin remodeling award sustainable

Notice how the modern look meets the ancient earth in perfect harmony. This sustainable den is absolutely stunning in its appearance. The earth-friendly elements are unmistakable—a rescued coffee table, stone walls, live plants, renewable source flooring, and energy-efficient lighting. Yet the room has remarkable modern overtones in the clean lines of the sofa and the sleek, minimalist look of the fireplace.

Category: Residential Bathroom

austin remodeling award bathroom

This is more than a bath. This is something worthy of a special room at the Louvre. A single piece of stunning marble isn’t just a backsplash for the freestanding tub. It’s a marvel all by itself. The perfect tile job serves to complement the colors of the marble and tie the bathroom area into a cohesive unit.

Category: Residential Remodel Larger than 3,500 Square Feet

austin remodeling award living room

Something about this den reminds you of a vast castle of 600 years ago. Huge timber rafters. A soaring stone fireplace. Trophy mounts gracing the walls. A large earthen urn in an upper corner. Priceless tapestries tastefully draped over furniture. But this is a modern living room in the year 2010. This is a throwback to medieval times, but with a load of modern accoutrements and creature comforts.

Category: Rising Star Singular Space

austin remodeling award black paint

So most of us couldn’t get away with painting the walls black, but this designer achieved it with remarkable finesse. The white accents of the fireplace tile and chairs perfectly complement the stark dark hue of the walls. The room would not exist apart from the shelf deco, which splashes the whole monochrome with eye-catching color.

Category: Model Home/Parade Home/Showhouse

austin remodeling award kitchen

Totally mod. Totally vintage. Totally blow-you-out-of-the-water cool. This kitchen and breakfast nook combo is an excellent example of what “modern design” means. Lots of stainless. Big, bold colors. Clean lines. The stainless look gets a lift with the island casing and wall trim. The red walls in the back pantry area are tastefully brought into the seating area as well. The designers skillfully set the kitchen off from the adjoining room by installing a slight drop-ceiling soffit between the two rooms.

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