Atlanta Couple's Key West Vacation Home to Die For

From Margaret Everton on June 29, 2010 in Atlanta

Giving up control and gaining a spectacular vacation home

atlanta vacation patio

Giving up complete design control might make some homeowners break out into hives. But when a couple from Atlanta hired interior designer Walter Mazzanti to make-over their Key West residence, they had full faith in his creative genius. In fact, they even waited until every accessory was in place before stepping foot into their newly remodeled abode.

atlanta vacation glass door

After Mazzanti whipped up some impressive concept boards outlining his idea to create an island “fun house,” complete with bright oranges and eye-catching greens, the couple was ready to take the leap. While they did approve the furniture pieces and accessories as he ordered them, they didn’t see the completed design until the very end.

atlanta vacation living room

In order to highlight the location’s breezy feel, Mazzanti created an open and inviting floor plan that allowed each of the rooms to flow into one another. Ten-foot-tall Tre Pieu glass doors were used to bring the outdoors in and vice versa.

atlanta vacation kitchen

The kitchen was kept completely free from clutter by adding a unique unit that hides nearly everything, except for a sink, stovetop and oven. A dishwasher was placed in an adjacent space in order to avoid bringing a messy cleanup to where guests are being entertained.

atlanta vacation remodel mazzantiatlanta vacation pool

Outside, a spectacular infinity pool tiled in Bisazza glass was installed, along with an abundance of lush greenery. The entrance to the home received a stunning koi pond addition.

Luckily for Mazzanti, the couple’s faith didn’t wane after they saw their new Key West residence. Now that is something to be proud of.

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