At the Heart of Handmade Décor: Nashville Lincoln-Log Home

From Margaret Everton on January 22, 2010 in Nashville

Can a home have inexpensive furniture, Goodwill-style knick-knacks and an old smell – and still be utterly cool? Unfortunately, most design gurus or wannabes think that great design means big bucks. So if you don’t have the cash, what’s the use of trying? Let this Nashville family both inspire and surprise you. Their design shows that anything from Ikea to the flea market can create a home that is perfectly rustic and beautifully integrated. nashville log cabin living room


The family’s living area uses the vintage leather settees to complement the rusticity of exposed wood rafters and walls.

nashville cabin yellow sofa

It’s Alive

The home is never boring. The leaping marlin matches the living yellow sofa and complementing pillows, all of which contrast with a few strategically placed red flowers.

nashville log cabin bedroom

Vintage Beauty

The home’s Lincoln Log distinctiveness has a throwback to yesteryear, particularly in this bedroom, where a fresh but aged white provides a brightening contrast to the otherwise tend-to-be-dim walls. Looks pretty classy, but you’d never guess that the portrait is homemade or the bed is a garage-sale find.

nashville cabin dining room

Pure Practicality

Have you ever yearned for storage just about everywhere? Got it. This owner brings the element of practicality, but places it in such a way that it looks really, really good. Here’s the back breakfast-nook entryway, floor-to-ceiling windows and a pair of lockers that fit the look entirely.

This style of home cries for simplicity. And simplicity is not just beautiful. It’s inexpensive. Check out the attractive playroom, sans fancy and expensive toys. Merely some fun stools and a massive table—homemade, of course.

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