Art Gallery or Incredible Contemporary Home?

From Margaret Everton on November 23, 2009 in San Diego

san diego contemporary remodel

Ocean views. The openness of glass. This is contemporary design with a focus, and no expense was spared. San Diego’s top contractor, Charco Construction, along with architect T. Kent Prater and designer Anita Dawson, raised the bar on this once-cookie cutter house. Not just aesthetically, but environmentally. Recycled flooring by FineLine is the most noticeable eco-conscious addition. Other ecological features are installation of a photovoltaic solar electric system known to be most efficient in the southwest, windows fitted with automated shades, a high-efficiency furnace and high-performing insulation. Synthetic turf and water-resourceful landscape maintain the green focus outdoors.

san diego home staircase

The glass-and-metal staircase is perhaps the centerpiece of the home’s interior. Painted by an antique exotic car painter, the staircase required 38 feet of metal beams to create. The effect is breathtaking; it looks as though the winding stairway visually floats to an upstairs gallery. To make room for the clients’ vast art collection, ceiling dimensions had to be exact. Like the 12-foot painting in the dining room, each piece from the owner’s collection is accommodated. And the second floor incorporates glass panels that open to al fresco living. Sit fireside, take pleasure in a drink and overlook the water.

San diego artwork contemporary

Sheathed in the owner’s vision of fine art as the backdrop and environmentalism at the forefront, this living space is a reconstruction from “same old, same old.” This is a home transformed into what is now a stunning presentation of composition, detail and design.

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