An Experiment in Zinc: NY Beach House Given Special Sealant

From Margaret Everton on May 3, 2010 in New York

Creating a sustainable home in an area where the weather is unforgiving can be a challenge, but Della Valle Bernheimer was able to construct this vacation home in New York State from a rather underused material: natural zinc. It’s abundant, doesn’t weather or change color, and even heals itself from scratches. The harsh sea air ain’t got nothin’ on this house. new york zinc siding And it’s beautiful. The home is soft enough to blend into its natural surroundings, yet strong enough to withstand the elements for generations to come. new york zinc patioWith three master suites, this home would be the ideal retreat for anyone looking for a luxurious oceanside getaway. The beach is only a short walk from the backdoor, and the home’s large windows provide beautiful views all year long. But while the surroundings are aesthetically appealing, the harsh winds and sea salt can spell doom for regular home construction. The solution for this property, however, came in the form of zinc – an oft-overlooked, but highly sustainable material. It doesn’t change color or grow tired with age – and if scratched, it can heal itself back to its factory appearance. The zinc was installed as a rain screen, and along with stainless steel fasteners, it will help keep this home standing strong. The only parts of the construction that might eventually give away the home’s age are the cedar siding accents. new york zinc deck This home balances nature with practical sustainability – the only way to go when the environment is in control.

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