Amazing Digs in Scottsdale

From Margaret Everton on February 21, 2011 in Phoenix

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When interior designer Jennifer Adams Meyers traded her San Diego rental home for a furnished place in a Scottsdale gold-course community, she did what she does best: remodeled. A compromise between she and her Arizona-loving husband, Meyers moved into the space with plans to recreate a Santa Barbara vibe rather than the heavy Tuscan feel that pervades much of the Phoenix-areas homes.

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The interior-design expert on Chanel 5’s Better TV, Meyers got her start doing residential design in Portland, Oregon (where she and her husband still own an urban loft).

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The first phase of the renovation plan was to open the archways and create a more open architecture. “Everything was so dark and heavy,” Meyers said. She had a contractor raise the archways more than two feet and repaint the surfaces a light cream. The other paint choices waited until they moved in, so Meyers could integrate their possessions and fabrics into the space.

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And so she went to work simultaneously recovering pieces that the house came with, using lighter upholstery fabrics and a variety of weights and textures throughout the space. She wisely kept the more permanent pieces neutral and used color and individuality on the interchangeable elements. Drama and dimension in the details.

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As a result, Meyers new digs reflect more of her and her husband than Scottsdale. Elegance without fuss. Breezy summertime with levity. As a result, the space is new and beautiful, and most importantly reflects the way she lives.

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