Aged and Gritty in the Hollywood Hills

From Margaret Everton on May 11, 2010 in Los Angeles

los angeles living room

Tucked away in the Hollywood Hills, this place was given a down-home design with the proper amount of comfort to match. Nickey Kehoe Inc. headed the re-do, and they were even able to add that bohemian style that L.A. loves so much.

The dining/living room is a hodgepodge of furniture with slightly different styles, but similar neutral wood tones. A stained black floor contrasts the dark brown wood of the ceiling without putting too much emphasis on the color difference. Plants help liven up the space.

los angeles bedroom

The exposed wood ceilings that can be seen throughout the home are softened in the bedroom with a coat of white paint against a powder-blue wall. The rest of the mismatched touches, such as the wall hangings, speak to the owner’s personal style.

los angeles aged design

A close-up of the living room shows that careful attention was paid to the details. The chosen pieces look aged, yet contemporary, complementing the interesting artwork on the walls.

Obviously, designing a home in an area rich with creative inspiration served this team well. Besides making each space look fantastic, they also brought the owner’s personality to the forefront – a true indication of success.

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