A Swanky Minneapolis Prefab Well Worth the Wait

From Margaret Everton on April 16, 2010 in Minneapolis

If artist David Schmidt had known how long it would take for his Hive Modular Home to finally stand completed on his St. Paul Capital Heights plot of land, he might have gone a different route. But now that he’s settled in, he wouldn’t have it any other way. minneapolis prefab kitchen Schmidt’s foray into homebuilding began when he fell in love with a loft he was renting a few blocks away in the Tilsner Artist’s Co-op in Lowertown. He hoped he could buy a similar space by purchasing, fixing up and reselling a home in the Upper St. Louis Park area. Luckily, he sold his fixer-upper before the market took a nosedive and purchased land in the same area. minneapolis prefab bedroom Already intrigued by the prefabricated Hive Modular homes he discovered in various design publications, Schmidt decided that going this route would afford him the loft space he desired without the inconveniences of living in a high-rise. The obstacles cropped up throughout the entire planning and homebuilding process with a series of approvals that Capitol Area Architectural Planning Board weren’t all that interested in pushing through. A three-month process suddenly turned into a year-plus. But already knee-deep in the process, Schmidt persevered. Working closely with the designers, he settled on a plan that consisted of three boxes: one for the main-floor living area, another for the kitchen and front of the house, and a third for the second floor. In the end, he was allotted 2,013 square feet of living space. The separate spaces and small touches, like a steel-pipe railing, added to the intended loft-like feel of the home. Since the home arrived ready for assembly, it was up in a few days. Nothing compared to the waiting game leading up to that point. Schmidt, however, is more than satisfied with a home that fully embodies his vision.

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