A Storybook Remodel in the Colorado Countryside

From Margaret Everton on March 22, 2010 in Denver

denver cabin remodel

After vacationing for years on a pristine piece of ranchland near Carbondale, Colorado, the Deering family knew they’d found the perfect site for their dream home. Just one small problem. Their dream home came in the form of a 100-year-old farmhouse 17 miles from their desired location. Oh, and it was already scheduled for demolition. But with a bit of dedication, hard work, and six years of renovation and restoration with A4 Architects and Jacober Brothers Constuction, the Deering’s were finally able to uproot the home and plant it just where they wanted it.

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While they certainly could have saved a pretty penny by going the new construction route, they were dead-set on keeping all of the original character and unique blend of design elements that made this home what it was. However, new building codes meant that they needed new energy-efficient windows, an upgraded roof and better insulation. The Deerings ensured that these upgrades kept with the style of the house by paying attention to the pattern of the shingles and the material used to construct the windows.

denver cabin bedroom

As with any successful blending of new and old, there wasn’t any indication of which was which. Interesting finds from antique stores were used to adorn each space, and a careful attention to light fixtures, wallpaper, tiles and paint kept the home true to its roots.

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The ultimate approval for this redesign came from the previous owner herself – a clear indication that all their hard work paid off in the end.

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