A Stellar Chicago Remodel: the Art of Curb Appeal and Location

From Margaret Everton on March 8, 2010 in Chicago

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Sometimes when buying a home, location trumps design…and curb appeal just falls to the wayside. In 1998, when one couple was weathering a move from California to Chicago at a time when not much was available for the taking, they settled for a 1950’s house in the Glen Ellyn neighborhood. Now, 12 years later, it’s hard to imagine it being that same old house.

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Originally, the changes were small – replacing carpets, hardwood floors, taking down outdated wall paper and replacing it with paint. Gradually, as they began to see this home as theirs instead of a stopping ground, they gutted and modernized the entire kitchen, and redesigned the layout of the dining room and living room with the help of Chris Ebert.

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When these changes still weren’t enough, they decided to completely reconfigure the architecture of the original home. The result? Normandy Builders, along with architect Troy Pavelka, made it into a modern-day gem complete with a picturesque bank of windows facing the street. The addition not only gave it the curb appeal it was lacking, but allowed natural light to flow through the now-spacious home.

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While changes cost this couple a pretty little penny (overall they racked up a $450,000 tab, nearly double the home’s original price), they both believe that it was well worth it. Now, they have a home in a prime location – and one they’re proud to call their own.

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