A San Francisco Remodel or Submersion in Art?

From Margaret Everton on May 24, 2010 in San Francisco

san francisco stairway

If a home looks traditional on the outside, the interior probably reflects the same style, right? Not for this Washington St. residence in San Francisco. The design firm envelope a+d stepped in to completely remodel the home’s interior for a bunch of art-nut occupants, all while masking the project behind a simple outer facade.

This remodel centered around one all-encompassing request from the homeowners: provide ample space to display their large contemporary art collection. So instead of transforming one room into a gallery of sorts and calling it a day, the designers found a way to make every room an artistic experience, not just a place for hanging a picture or two.

san francisco art partitions

Using sliding partitions to optimize the available space, this room’s art collection ensures that every piece is given a place of its own. One thing is clear: this home will never be hurting for unique wall decorations.

san francisco windowssan francisco art kitchen

Unconventional use of color throughout the home makes even the smallest details pop. Cabinet undersides and closet interiors received a bold coat of paint to brighten each space.

san francisco color accentssan francisco bathroom remodelThe bathroom, however, stands out because of its sheer lack of color – perhaps a bold statement about what constitutes art and good design. It may be functional, but warm and inviting? Not so much.

If surrounding yourself with beautiful art creates a sense of awe and inspiration, then this family has far more than a stylish pad to call home – they have a reason to fully appreciate their surroundings.

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