A San Diego Home for the History Books

From Margaret Everton on April 2, 2010 in San Diego

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With handprints etched in the foundation from relatives past and an amazing podocarpus tree in the front yard, the sheer size of which guarantees impressive old age, this San Diego abode, designed by architect James Gates, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “family tree.” The home is bursting with history and an updated modern charm, ensuring that it will be in the family for many generations to come.

san diego patio

Unique design elements are everywhere. The wood screen surrounding the outer perimeter of the house, while a tad unusual at first glance, offers an outdoor room perfect for enjoying the sunshine in private. A rope swing hangs from the tree and keeps the kids entertained for hours.

san diego kitchen

The kitchen offers a seamless transition to the outdoors while highlighting natural wood materials.

Wood is used as a staple inside the house as well, with a rare collection of furnishings from the now-out-of-business Norwegian furniture company. Atop the cadenza are intriguing old photographs that serve as another reminder of the family history imprinted in every nook and cranny of the home.

san diego bathroom tile

The bathroom, with a clear separation from the rest of the house, contains an overwhelming awe factor with floor-to-wall blue tiling made from recycled glass. A multitude of colors ensures that this space needs no further decorating.

san diego mural

Another colorful touch, in the form of a mural-sized painting by local artist Blair Thornley, serves as a partition between the TV room and the rest of the home. It was coated in ample acrylic paint to avoid fingerprints.

This unique home has provided several generations with a place for creating and preserving memories, and with tasteful updates it has become perfect for the coming decade as well.

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