A Quick Front Yard Spruce-Up Phoenix-Style

From Margaret Everton on April 30, 2010 in Phoenix

phoenix landscaping rock garden

When it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor landscape, the climate tends to call the shots. Luckily for Patricia and Wellington Reiter, landscape architect Christy Ten Eyck knew just how to tend to their drought-ridden plot of Phoenix land.

Instead of struggling to keep a traditional lawn thriving in the dry climate, Ten Eyck replaced it with tall deer grass and Phoenix mesquite trees that are amazingly drought-resistant. Once the trees mature, they’ll provide ample shade to make lounging in the outdoors comfortable.

phoenix landscaping native plants

In addition to adding the appropriate vegetation, a new walkway and central courtyard helped complete the design. Three low walls helped create a patio area with enough seats for guests.

After completing the redesign, Ten Eyck had a few suggestions for others who have landscape woes. She suggests removing soil to help with water runoff instead of installing a costly plumbing system. Also, make a wide walkway to avoid having to plant extra trees or grass.

phoenix landscaping native garden

When choosing plants, don’t go overboard. Selecting only a few and planting them far apart allows them space to grow. This will also create an obvious differentiation, and cut down on the cost of buying more vegetation than is actually needed.

A stubborn environment doesn’t have to squelch your plans for a beautiful yard. Choose and plant wisely, and you might just have a landscape worth showing off.

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