A Little Rock Home Designed by Kids!

From Margaret Everton on March 12, 2010 in Little Rock

While there is something to be said for professional designers, sometimes all the inspiration and creativity we need can come from our children. Artist-mom Jerusalem Greer is a firm believer in this philosophy, and her home has the personal qualities to prove it.

Greer’s kitchen is part whimsical, part old-fashioned, and part crazy color palette. The bench that serves as a focal point for the kitchen table was painted by her four-year-old son, Wylie, who brilliantly chose which colors to use for which slats.

The kitchen chairs are a hodgepodge of different designs collected from various thrift stores, garage sales and alleyways.

The rest of the home is decorated with maps and globes of every size, shape and color, adding a touch of wonder to each room. Paintings are hung with pant hangers, a design idea that moved from temporary to permanent once Greer noticed how interesting they looked.

The boys’ rooms are brimming with history memorabilia, from the colorful prints of past American presidents to an overall design scheme fashioned after the 60’s and 70’s.

With a style too eclectic to pin down, each room manages to create an air of fun that meshes in its own quirky way with the rest of the house. This home is the quintessential neighborhood kid hangout spot.

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