A Cut Above: One Seattle Home’s Innovative Room Addition

From Margaret Everton on January 22, 2010 in Seattle

When families grow, homes need to keep up. For one Seattle family, growing up meant that two people doubled to four. They needed some more room—bedrooms, that is. They called on local Shed Architects to do the job. seattle addition green remodeling Rather than just tack on a few rooms on the ground floor—an easy enough task—the architects chose to imbue the remodel with more green than mere easy construction. What eventuated from the dream was an elevated living space with open breezeways underneath, perfect for picnicking, playing and ping pong games.

Green Inside

seattle addition remodeling

In addition to keeping a green space underneath, the designers also used BIBS insulation to improve thermal retention, giving the home extra weather protection and efficiency. The architects were able to reduce wood usage while still maintaining optimal structural integrity for the addition.

Interior Recreation

seattle addition bathroom remodeling

The look and feel of the remodel is both fun and sophisticated. Unique elements like the curtain-covered closet, garden windows in the bathroom, and mosaic tiles in the shower are unique and beautiful. There area a lot of horizontal lines—in the bookcase, the hallway, the benches, even in the floor design—all of which give the bedroom a restful and peaceful feel.

seattle addition bathroom remodel

The house may have some growing pains. Some accuse the new addition of adding a disjointed feel to the house. Doesn’t quite match, perhaps? Perhaps, but the key is, the home fits the family. And the family likes the home. And that’s what matters.

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