A Chicago Remodel Worth its Celebrity Status

From Margaret Everton on March 5, 2010 in Chicago

If the celebrity status of a designer is any indication of the work they produce, then big things were expected from Nate Berkus when he helped remodel this sprawling space atop the Palmolive Building on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Luckily for these residents, Oprah knows what she’s talking about (or at least she knows good design when she sees it). chicago dining room With a substantial 5,700 square feet to cover, the planning for this job began as early as 2005.chicago living room Berkus knew from the get-go that he wanted to play off the exquisite moldings and original architecture of the space by going with a Parisian theme that was beautiful in its imperfections. The furniture, an eclectic mix of different styles, reflected this idea perfectly. Among the additions were a gold-leafed Napolean III mirror, a Gustavian daybed, and a pair of Rene Prou chairs. Using the common design elements of a French patisserie as a template, Berkus added a multitude of colors that liven up each room. Yellow became a subtle but steady highlight throughout each space, and although the color is anything but overplayed, it captures the eye when necessary. chicago apartment design Not many designers have the taste necessary to transform a bathroom into a “powder room” and a living room into a “sitting room.” Berkus miraculously accomplished both in this beautiful remodel. chicago nate berkus design

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