A Breakfast Nook Worth Waking Up for

From Margaret Everton on May 28, 2010 in Los Angeles

Having a breakfast nook and casual dining room seemed all but impossible in this galley-sized kitchen. But instead of ripping out walls and starting from scratch, designer John Jennings and landscape architect Sasha Tarnopolsky cooked up a hearty serving of design ingenuity to make it work. los angeles breakfast nook The most significant change for the kitchen is the installation of a glass Dutch door front-and-center on the back wall. This opens the space drastically to the backyard and allows a ton of natural light to make the room appear larger. Another important addition: a wraparound counter on three sides of the room. This might seem like an unusual decision for such a small space, but it lets the owners eat-in and display some of their favorite items in the kitchen. A simple color palette of sage green, black and stainless steel appliances and fixtures keep the kitchen feeling clean and uncluttered.

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