A Bit of Bucharest in Beverly Hills

From Margaret Everton on February 12, 2010 in Los Angeles

When it comes to L.A. real estate, nearly any house in Beverly Hills is going to put some jaw-dropping, eye-rubbing magic on you. When property price tags fetch $250 million, it is usually with good reason. But some houses are worthy of more than just jaw-drops and eye-rubs. They are worthy of a sense of surrealism, awe, and mystery. That describes the Pasinetti house. beverly hills home staircase As Hills houses go, it’s not a big one, but it has a rich history. The architect is a man by the name of Haralamb Georgescu. He was a veritable architectural mogul in his native Romania. Many Bucharest landmarks are the result of this man’s prodigious genius. He fled to the United States to escape the Communist oppression in 1947. As Georgescu’s fame declined and his career came to a close, even his style fell out of favor. One of these few American design projects, the Pasinetti house of 1958, was ready to be demolished and replaced until developer Tim Braseth found it. beverly hills home fireplaceWow, was the essence of Tim’s response to a viewing. The house was a gem architecturally. Quickly, the home was rescued from its demolition demise, and the renovation began. Today, the house is absolutely powerful. Here are some of its best features.

  • Lots of light. Huge picture windows and big airy spaces make for striking brightness wherever you look. For nighttime, hanging lamps create an attractive light-in-midair look. Even the master shower is comprised of floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides. Don’t worry, flip a switch and the windows become opaque.
  • Simplistic. Georgescue had a knack for making complex things look simple. The house is not bland; it is simply arranged in a cube motif. When striving to mimic the original architect’s design pathos, the restoration team asked Georgescu’s son for a theme to guide them. The response? “Use as few doors and walls as possible, and open sightlines.”
  • Spartan. Part of the home’s appeal is its unique scaled-down approach to design and decoration. It is gloriously uncluttered, even when it comes to the landscaping.
  • Gemoetric. 20 x 20 x 20. That’s the theme of the Pasinetti house. It utilizes two large spaces of 20 feet wide, long, and high. The space economy is actually quite helpful, considering that the room divides horizontally, and provides an open feel to the entire house.

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Georgescu’s spirit lives on. A bit of Budapest in Beverly Hills makes for a striking house with history, legend, and inspiration around every corner.

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