5 Super Smart Space-Saving Solutions

From Margaret Everton on September 23, 2010 in Des Moines

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If you’ve ever wrestled with a small living space, you know how tough it can be furnish it without compromising that warm and inviting feel. But contrary to popular belief, square footage doesn’t make or break your home—it’s how you work with it that counts. Here are five tips to get the most out of your own dwelling.

1. Give your room a purpose…or two, or three.

Need an office but don’t have a room to spare? Section off your living room with a small desk or table-turned-workspace. This allows you to expand the functionality of what you already have, while still getting the individualized spaces you need.

2. Be bold. Very, very bold.

People often believe that small spaces should be subdued or toned down. Wrong. Bright colors or bold wallpaper can not only make a statement, but grow that small room into something larger than life.

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3. Look up!

Sometimes, making a room appear larger can be achieved by building upward—not out. Case in point: vaulted ceilings. They easily increase the amount of natural light in the home while keeping the property size the same.

4. Be smart about furniture.

Just because you still have a great, big couch from your last home doesn’t mean it should make the trek over with you. Instead, pare your furniture down so it can’t overpower the room, like using a pedestal table for a small dining area.

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5. Traditional? Nah, that’s OK.

So kitchens usually have cabinets, right? Not necessarily. This small kitchen was designed sans cabinets and looks drastically larger as a result. Break with tradition to make your room feel as open and airy as possible.

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