5 New Trends in Baltimore Bathroom Design

From Margaret Everton on September 14, 2010 in Baltimore

Bathrooms have always been at the top of remodeling to-do lists, but these new trends are a clear indication of the times. Today, Baltimore consumers are looking for simple, efficient designs that convey a healthy dose of understated luxury. Here’s where bathroom design is headed in your area…

#1—Out with the bath, in with the walk-in shower

baltimore bathroom shower

In an effort to conserve space, homeowners are looking to replace their barely-used bathtubs for multi-functional showers. Part of the trend includes adding multiple shower heads or even digital systems that allow users to program their personal temperature settings and water pressure preferences. Some people even up the relaxation factor by releasing water infused with aromatherapy oils accompanied by music.

#2—Freestanding Bathtubs

baltimore bathroom tub

For those who aren’t ready to give up their soaking experience, many are adding luxury freestanding bathtubs. Some companies have music, lights and massage features incorporated into their designs, along with even better choices in jets. As if that weren’t enough, you now have the option of buying a bathtub with built-in headphones and Bluetooth capability.

#3—Water-Saving Toilets

Nowadays, technology extends all the way to the toilet. New designs have brought us gravity-assisted mechanisms that allow the toilet to flush using only 1.28 gallons of water, while adding a little extra comfort to the user as well.

#4—Class and Comfort

baltimore bathroom vanity

Other trends here to stay are features that portray a sense of classic elegance. Vanities are being made to resemble furniture, and pedestal sinks are still a popular choice.

#5—Storage and Technology

Organization and storage are also being combined with new technology, like refrigerated medicine cabinets. In addition, entertainment elements, like flat screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular.

If bathroom remodeling is in your future, you’ve got a ton of exciting options to think about. And that makes the process that much more fun.

Photos via Flickr CC: Stephen Depolo, Greg O’Beirne & Jeremy Levine

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