3 Native SoCal Plants to Liven Your Garden

From Margaret Everton on September 6, 2010 in Los Angeles

Seasoned gardeners know the importance of native plants to their gardens—not only for the local ecosystem as a whole, but the myriad benefits that come along with plants actually meant to exist on your land. Here are a few we highly recommended.

los angeles hummingbird fuchsia#1—Peeking out from a spattering of bluish-green foliage, the deep orange of the Hummingbird Fuchsia flower is hard to miss. Appearing dainty and delicate but able to withstand the sometimes harsh California elements, here is one plant that could surely breathe new life into your garden.

los angeles epilobium#2—Called the Zauschneria californica, or the Epilobium, this flower earned its nickname from the long, slender tubes that make it an ideal feeding ground for hummingbirds. The flower begins to bloom in late summer, as other plants are dying off, and stays bright all the way through fall.

The amount and frequency of pruning determines the plant’s size, which could overtake a large area with little to no pruning, or if pruned more often, could cover a contained area with denser foliage. Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont displays the variety of ways the plant can grow, varying in bloom time and shape.

los angeles hummingbird plant#3—If Zauschneria californica requires more time to bloom than you want to spend, then the Dicliptera suberecta may be the perfect alternative. It also has brilliantly vibrant flowers and a similar nickname: Hummingbird Plant. Learn more at the Alfreda Maloof Foundation in Alta Loma.

Remember to Water…

Light, weekly watering is required for both types of plants, but the Dicliptera suberecta will require a bit more. Both will bring a spectacular splash of color to your garden.

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