3 LA Designers Go to Town on this Outdoor Deck Retreat

From Margaret Everton on April 16, 2010 in Los Angeles

When it comes time to hiring a designer, it can feel similar to visiting the doctor. Sometimes you just need a second (or third) opinion. Three Los Angeles -based designers, Judy Kameon, Jennifer Barguiarena and Gena Sigala, brought this idea to life when they each transformed the same simple wooden deck using their own vision as their guide. The result was first a relaxing personal retreat, then a swanky cocktail lounge, and finally a fun yet functional dining area. los angeles patio designer Perhaps the best part of Sigala’s personal retreat design was the price. Ringing in at a meager $300, it’s perfect for the strapped-for-cash crowd. In fact, most of the character in this space came from some fantastic flea market and garage sale finds, and from bringing out some favorite furniture pieces from the indoors. In order to keep the space feeling serene, Sigala kept with a neutral color palette, blending tame blues and lavenders for added interest. los angeles patio table Wanting to keep the vibe casual, Barguiarena created this dining space with an impressive $600 budget. While nearly half of the cost went to the large ceramic pots on the perimeter of the space, she was able to make up for it by keeping the rest of the design a bit unconventional. The tent over the table was actually a painter’s drop cloth found in a hardware store. And unpolished, simple accessories blend in nicely with the outdoors. Barguiarena kept her color scheme appropriate for the setting by relying on browns and blues with small bursts of corals and pinks for a bit of added fun. los angeles patio snacks With a bigger budget of $1,500, this Moroccan-style cocktail lounge has an extra hint of class. Kameon still relied heavily on her own creativity, however, by turning an ottoman frame into a coffee table and choosing a bold rug to bring the entire space together. Inexpensive accessories allowed most of the money to be spent on furniture pieces and the essential umbrella. The vastly different results that stemmed from these three designs just go to show that choosing your vision before choosing a designer is essential. Being clear on what you want is the first step to creating that perfect space.

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