20,000 Square Feet of Classic Nashville Beauty

From Margaret Everton on March 4, 2010 in Nashville

Admittedly, most of us live in a space that’s a wee bit less than what this family has (20,000 feet!). But there is no arguing against the breathtaking beauty of the place. A glance from the outside reveals a postcard setting with an architectural design worthy of a Moorish palace. Rustic tiles on the roof, plus stucco and stone siding, place this dwelling in the category of absolutely beautiful. nashville remodel stucco The interior is not at all disappointing. The vast beams that were perceptible from the outside can be seen enhancing the look of the ceilings on the inside. The exposed beams of the ceiling are matched by the rich wood flooring. Furniture selections bring out the wooden authenticity, and imbue their own aura of elegance. nashville living room One of the home’s features is its casual simplicity. Ceiling fans and low-lying furniture characterize this TV room. The informal arrangement and big-space feel let you know that you’re at home. nashville kitchen The real home feel comes when you step into the kitchen. It was designed as a social gathering place. Just look at the vast marble slab and the expanse of wooden countertop. Even the area around the kitchen island is a regular receiving area. Well-lit, spacious, and fit to please the most demanding chef, the kitchen meets the family’s need for all-the-time entertaining of big dinner groups. nashville storage The extra-large butler’s pantry maintains perfect organization and provides even more counter space. nashville media room The home’s beautiful media room is a cherished hangout place. Why go to the theater when a place like this is upstairs? The comfortable and spacious leather seating put you close to the large-screen TV. nashville library Homes are defined by their space. Yes, 20,000 square feet is a lot of space, but that doesn’t make the architectural significance of this library any less significant. It utilizes the second story for additional light, while still giving it the subdued feel that a library should have. nashville bedroomThe master suite of this majestic home is an excellent finishing touch. A bedroom is much more than a bedroom. The comfortable seating around the fireplace adds a great dimension of comfort. nashville bathroom The all-tile and all-stone shower zone, with dual showerheads and a removable head makes for a spa-like experience every time you use it.

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