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Window Installation

Window installations are a big investment. Most of us spend days or weeks researching window manufacturers for quality and price, but even the most expensive, highest quality windows in the world aren’t worth much if they’re not properly installed. This is one area that you don’t want to skimp on.

Sure, your uncle Fred once installed windows on your Aunt’s second cousin’s house, and since he’s family, he’ll cut you a great deal. Even if Uncle Fred charges nothing for labor, the price is still too high. The dangers that lurk with unprofessional window installation are future water damage, leaks and condensation build up. Also, many manufacturers won’t honor their warranty unless the windows are installed by a licensed contractor. It’s not worth the risk to invest hard-earned money into quality windows and then have them poorly installed.

The window installation process begins the day you select the style of your windows (e.g. casement, double hung, horizontal, etc.), the type of window, such as vinyl, wood or aluminum, the window brand (e.g. Anderson, Pella or Milgard) and your professional window installer.

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