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Skylights, Energy Efficient, Natural Lighting

Is your home dark and gloomy, or is there one room that just doesn’t get enough light? Consider hiring a contractor to install a skylight, thereby adding some energy efficient, natural lighting to your home.

Manufactured in several different shapes, designs, and styles, you should have no excuses for not brightening up your life. There are skylights for different roof pitches and elevations, including barrel vaults, octagonal skylights, and circular systems. Other options include:

  • Domed Skylights
  • Glass Skylights
  • Solatube Skylights
  • Impact Approved Skylights
  • Architectural Skylights
  • Plastic Glazed Skylights
  • Curb Mount Skylights
  • Fixed or Non-Operable Skylights


Not only can a skylight brighten up your room, it can also add ventilation. Varieties include:

  • Manual Vents
  • Electric Vents
  • Fixed Skylights with a flap
  • Roof-Windows
  • Operable Skylights
  • Retractable Skylights

Energy Efficiency

A new skylight, called the “Sun-Tunnel skylight,” is designed for energy efficiency. Manufactured in five different designs, the Sun-Tunnel is built with a highly-reflective tunnel that provides bright light despite long elevations or poor sun-location. Additionally, an energy saving skylight cover system is available for energy control. In the summer, this cover system reflects back undesirable solar heat, and in the winter, adjusts for more absorption of the sun’s rays.

Design and Appearance

If appearance is a concern for you, skylights come in different colors, shades, and can also have decorative trims. If security is a concern, there are bars available, too. Special blinds can also be purchased for additional privacy.

If you’re ready to reduce your energy bill and to make the most of natural lighting, request a free estimate from one of our licensed contractors today. Because there are so many different designs and varieties available, it may be very helpful to have a professional assist you in evaluating which option is best for your home.

If your home is lacking some much-needed natural lighting, then adding a skylight or two may be the way to go. New designs have even made this window energy efficient as well. Interested? We have all you need to know right here.


With a wide array of different skylights available, the cost depends greatly on the style, size, cost of labor, and quality of materials. On average, a tubular skylight can cost anywhere between $475 and $1,100, including installation. Blinds or shades can add an extra $200 to $300 to the project. For specific cost estimates, contact a window installer in your area.


New skylight designs can tighten your home’s energy efficiency.

Increase both natural lighting and ventilation in a space.

Skylights come in a variety of different colors, shades and decorative trims.


If the skylight isn’t installed and sealed correctly, it can leak.

Can allow in 2 to 4 times more heat and cold than regular windows.

May be difficult to keep clean.


Recent improvements in skylight and glass design have made skylights a durable window option. However, it’s extremely important to make sure that they are installed and sealed properly to keep water out of your home.


The required maintenance depends entirely on what type of skylight you choose to go with. For instance, does it have mechanical parts or shades? If so, a window professional may need to be called if jamming occurs. As far as cleaning goes, skylights can be cleaned like other windows (e.g. with a non-abrasive household cleaner, water and soft cloth or squeegee). Many homeowners will also call a professional for cleaning if the skylights are extremely hard to reach.

Common Questions and Answers

What is a good choice for an energy efficient skylight?

A new skylight, called the “Sun-Tunnel skylight,” is designed for energy efficiency. Manufactured in five different designs, the Sun-Tunnel is built with a highly reflective tunnel that provides bright light despite long elevations or poor sun-location.

What are the different types of skylights available?

There are a wide variety of skylights to choose from, including barrel vaults, octagonal skylights, circular systems, domed skylights, glass skylights, Solatube skylights, impact approved skylights, architectural skylights, plastic glazed skylights, curb

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