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The Single-Hung Sash Window

When it comes to window replacement, there are a ton of beautiful styles available. Sash windows have been used in homes as early as 1670, and continue to be a popular choice for increasing air flow and ventilation in houses across the country. Here’s all the info you need to decide if sash windows are the best choice for you.


The cost of replacing windows or installing brand-new models depends on the manufacturer, labor, and quality of the windows chosen. On average, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $700 per sash window. Ask a licensed window installer for cost estimates in your area—they’ll also be able to help you with federal tax rebates and energy efficiency incentives.


Newer sash windows can be double-glazed to prevent drafts from creeping in.

With dual openings, sash windows can allow hot air to escape while bringing in cool air.

They’re extremely easy to clean.


Newer sash windows are obviously built to last significantly longer than older models. Homes built several decades ago have window frames that have probably begun to warp, allowing drafts to enter the home and resulting in higher heating and cooling bills.

When it comes to window replacement, opt for double-pane glass—it will greatly increase the lifespan of the sash window, and most likely qualify you for tax rebates as well.


Aside from regular cleaning, the most important part of sash window maintenance is routinely checking for wood rot and warping. Staying on top of this can ensure that the problem is tended to before cold air starts seeping in during the winter months.

Common Questions and Answers

What comprises a sash window?

A sash window is made up of at least one or more movable panels that make up a frame capable of holding panes of glass.

What home styles utilize sash windows?

Sash windows are usually used in Georgian or Victorian-style homes.


One of the first places that sash windows appeared was in the painting, The Milkmaid by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer around 1658. However, the oldest known sash windows were installed in England in the 1670s.

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