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Safety Glass, Preventing Injury in the Home

Safety glass was first used by the auto industry back in 1927. It was made by placing a thin piece of polyvinyl butryal in between two or more pieces of glass. This innovation kept the glass from splintering off in sharp jagged pieces. The laminated glass stayed together, even when broken. Modern developments of laminated safety glass can be used in the home for a variety of practical functions. Here are some common home uses of laminated and tempered glass.

Shower Door and Enclosure

Safety glass in a shower enclosure could prevent accidental bodily harm. On a wet and slippery surface, the chances of falling are high. Installing traction surfaces and rails will help, but making sure your shower door and enclosure is made of safety glass can prevent serious injuries.

Greenhouse or Home

Laminated windows are also found in greenhouses. The window blocks 97 percent of ultraviolet light and makes an excellent sound barrier. Safety glass is also the best glass you can have if you live in parts of the country that are susceptible to earthquakes or tornadoes.

These windows stay in the frame even under adverse conditions of structural shaking.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is made by heating glass and then quickly cooling it. The hardening process strengthens the glass by 5 to 10 times that of normal glass. When this type of glass breaks, it shatters in small pebble-like pieces – no sharp projectiles coming at you. Tempered glass is often found in skylights, refrigerator shelves, and storm doors.

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