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Silence is Golden with Soundproof Windows

Some cities are cracking down on noise pollution; everything from jack hammers to ice cream trucks can make the cut. Perhaps you would like to do the same thing in your neighborhood? Are barking dogs, crying babies, and gas lawn mowers sometimes just a little too much? There is a solution; replacing your old windows with new soundproof windows can cut the commotion down by 95 percent. In addition to reducing the racket, you will also cut down on dust and fine particulates.

Closely inspect your windows for small gaps or signs of deterioration. If the window pane is slipping out of place, caulking is just a temporary fix. Soundproof replacement windows are a permanent solution great for any room of the house – and they keep your home nice and quiet. Window installers will customize soundproof windows for you or allow you to choose from a standard set.

Take the Interior Soundproof Lite Slider, which has the following features:

  • Standard casement window uses a horizontal sliding trolley.
  • Easily opens and closes.
  • Comes with three glass panels.
  • Reduces noise by 95 percent, dirt and dust by 99 percent.
  • Utilizes 2 layers of glazed glass with a plastic interlayer.
  • Available in a standard white or bronze finish.

The key to sound blocking windows is the thin layer of insulating laminate that’s used to make the panel. Several other types of sound proof windows are available. Adding any type of soundproof window to the room can reduce outside distractions and restore a little peace and quiet to your home.

Are barking dogs, crying babies and lawn mowers just a little too much noise for you to handle? Perhaps it’s time to consider adding soundproof windows to your home. Usually installed over existing windows, they can actually cut down the outside noise by up to 95 percent. Read on to learn more.


It may seem like soundproof windows would cost significantly more than regular windows without the noise reducing technology, but in reality they are comparably priced. You can expect to pay between $350 and $900 per window, but some styles may actually qualify for a tax credit because of their high energy efficiency.


Since soundproof windows are designed to keep out the elements and noise, they are built to be extremely durable.


Soundproof windows don’t require any more maintenance than other windows. They should simply be routinely cleaned with a soft cloth (or squeegee) and non-abrasive household cleaner. 

Common Questions and Answers

Does the thickness of the glass matter when it comes to choosing a soundproof window?

Not necessarily. What actually blocks or lessens the noise is the amount of dead space between the panes, not just the thickness of the glass itself.

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