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Hood Mold Windows

Selecting the right
windows for your home can be a difficult decision. There are many
different styles and designs to choose between. Although the process
can become overwhelming, it can also be fun. View it as an opportunity
to bring distinct design and character to your home.

Hood Mold Style

You can keep it
basic by only choosing the standard sizes, or you can throw in a couple
of custom sizes to spice it up a bit. One such intriguing style is the
hood mold. The hood mold window is a basic window with an arched top.
The term “hood mold” comes from the decorative molding that frames the arched top. This unique window carries a classic beauty that has endured for ages. Here is an example of hood mold windows on a home, and as you can see, the appearance is truly elegant.

Incorporating Hood Mold Style into the Standard Window

Many window manufacturers carry custom lines of windows. The Pella Window Company, Andersen Windows & Doors, and Milgard Windows
all offer custom lines that include hood mold designs. Your contractor
can work together with the manufacturer to create a window that fits
your dimensions, the style and finish of your choosing, and the type of
glass you need. The beauty of custom windows is that you also can
incorporate the style you’ve selected into the standard windows designs
such as casement, double-hung, etc.

If hood mold
windows are the design you select for your home, you can work with your
contractor and window supplier to choose the right sizes, frames, and
designs. Request free estimates from prescreened window installers in your area to ensure your new windows are properly installed.

A popular feature of Gothic architecture, the hood mold is a projecting molding above your window. It basically shields your window from rain while adding architectural interest to the home’s exterior. A lot of people, especially those with historical homes, love the elegance that a hood mold provides. Read on to learn more.


Hood mold windows are a specialty window, so pricing depends on the manufacturer you choose, as well as the quality of the window itself (glass panes, energy efficiency technology, etc.). Speak with a window installer for specific cost estimates in your area—they’ll also be able to help you with federal tax rebates and incentives.


Hood molds provide an elegant architectural addition to a wide variety of windows.

The external molding throws off rainwater.


They also add an extra cost to window replacement.

Not all homeowners appreciate the extra adornment offered by a hood mold.

Common Questions and Answers

Do hood molds work with more than one type of window?

Yes, because hood molds are customizable window options, they can be incorporated into the standard window designs, such as casement, double-hung, etc. Ask your contractor for more details.


Originally introduced during the Romanesque period of architecture, hood molds grew increasingly popular during the Gothic period.

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