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Window Cord Problems

The most common window by far is the double-hung window. Nearly every window manufacturer makes a double-hung window, and they come in aluminum, vinyl, wood, and composite forms. What makes it double hung has to do with a cord assembly. Although you don’t see it, the cord, which runs inside the window frame, helps lower and raise the window frame with ease. You will notice if your window cord breaks, since lowering or raising the window frame will suddenly be a lot harder—if not completely stuck.

How Do Window Cords Break?

Window cords are made out of cotton, nylon or even metal chain. Like any rope or chain, window cords can snap, break and wear out.

Here’s how:

  • Sometimes, a cord can become unattached from its securing point on the window.
  • In rare cases, window cords can get tangled or stuck in other parts of the window, especially if damage is present elsewhere.
  • Another cord-related problem does not have to do with the cord itself, but with the weights that are attached to the cord that help with lowering and raising the window. These weights could fall off the end of the cord as the cord wears out.

How Do I Replace a Window Cord?

Replacing a double-hung window cord takes some time and patience. You can usually access the cord and weight assembly via a small opening, accessible by removing a rectangular or oval covering plate. This portion of the window, which houses the cord and weight assembly, is known as the “well.” It provides the access point for fixing most cord problems. If you aren’t too handy, window contractors are skilled at doing this.

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