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Window Condensation

Condensation is annoying. With the onset of winter and fall (i.e. colder weather), many homeowners experience the build-up of moisture on the inside of their windows. The moister the inside of the house, the heavier the condensation. Often, condensation trickles onto the window sill and the wall below, possibly causing damage to the window frame and to the wall. Windows that are covered with curtains can develop enough condensation to make the curtains wet and soggy.

Lower Temperature = Increased Condensation

Condensation forms on windows when the temperature of the window is lower than the dew point around the window. Thus, the moisture from the air is attracted to the cool window. Understanding this fact provides the clue to the problem with the window. Windows with low thermal efficiency are the worst culprits for condensation formation. Old windows, windows with aluminum frames or tracks, and sliding windows are the types that will have the most condensation in colder weather.

What Else Causes Condensation?

Condensation levels increase when you have a lot of people in your house. The more exhaled moisture in the air, the more moisture will collect on the windows. Additionally, covering the windows with blinds or curtains will trap colder air between the window and covering, making the condensation level rise even more.

Problems Associated with Condensation

Condensation is a real problem. As mentioned, it can contribute to peeling paint, rotten wood and damaged drywall. Removing condensation is relatively simple for the short-term fix. Simply remove the moisture in the air by running dehumidifiers or exhaust fans in the bathrooms or kitchen. Obviously, a dry-air home, especially in the winter, can be very uncomfortable. An alternative solution is to replace old inefficient windows with high-efficiency double pane windows or to install storm windows. window estimates for such windows are available from contractors.

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