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Window Sash Deterioration

Sash windows are those that are composed of several panes or lights. Usually, sash windows are movable. The elegant appearance of Georgian or Victorian sash windows is still a popular window choice. Despite their beauty, sash deterioration and other sash problems can easily set in. Like other major problems sash deterioration can lead to window replacement so depending on the extent of the damage it might be time to call in some window contractors.

What Causes Sash Deterioration?

Sashes are usually made out of softwood, which is easily damaged and, depending on the level of protection, is very water permeable

Problems With Moisture & Wood Rot

The most common sash deterioration problem is that of wood rot. Water, creeping into the wood pores, eventually eats away at the wood fibers, weakening and hollowing out the sash. Also, swelling, shrinking and distortion of the sash are related problems. Again, this happens with the onset of moisture, or a poor sealing or painting job.

Problems With Movable Windows

Since sash windows are movable, they are beset by the typical problems that occur with moveable windows. Opening a window too hard, repeated movement of the window, and constant handling of the window is a sure recipe for breaking a sash, getting a sash stuck or twisting it the wrong way

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