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Window Pane Problems

Broken Glass

The most obvious problem that can occur with windowpane is that it breaks, shatters or cracks. This is what most people think of when they think of a “broken window.” Whether it’s a foul ball from a backyard baseball game, a rock tossed by a lawnmower, or just a violent storm, glass is a breakable element.

Broken Seals

It’s more than just breaking glass that causes problems in windows. In fact, more common than broken glass are broken seals in double- or triple-pane windows. When a seal breaks, the inert gas between panes is infiltrated by moisture from the air. The result is a foggy or unclear window.

Wavy Windows

You may have noticed this problem on old windows or mirrors. Glass is not entirely rigid. In fact, over time, it droops slowly, developing the wavy look that you can see from different angles. This is far more common on old windows than with modern windows.

Glazing Problems

Often, the area around the edge of the windowpane can be a problem spot. Glazing can become old, crack or fall off, leaving a loose windowpane and a drafty window.

Other Problems

Less common are problems that occur with extra layers that are sometimes applied to windows. Windows which are treated with a protective film or coloring may sometimes develop cracking, wrinkling or fading over time

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