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Foggy Glass

Foggy glass is one of the most common complaints regarding windows, even modern windows equipped with the latest thermal efficiency and energy-saving technology. We are not talking here about the fogginess that develops on a car window in cold weather. Foggy glass is often an indicator of a worse problem with your window. Foggy glass may seem like no small deal but can lead to getting window estimates from contractors in no time.

Broken Seal on Double Pane Windows

Most windows are equipped with an airtight seal on the edge of the glass. The seal serves two main purposes:

1) To secure the window in the frame.

2) To increase the thermal efficiency of the window.

However, windows seals can be very delicate components of a window. If the seal is bent, damaged, or broken, any amount of air that gets between the window panes will cause the foggy appearance between your windows. The solution to foggy windows is to replace the entire pane and reseal the edges. The fogginess that develops in windows is a result of a broken seal and the buildup of moisture between the two layers of double-pane windows. Foggy glass is especially annoying, because the fog cannot be wiped off, and it won’t simply dry out.

Defective Glazing

Although this is a far less common problem, some windows may develop a foggy appearance due to the window’s defective glazing. When a window is treated with a special coating, additional layer, or glazing, it can develop problems. Sometimes, this is as simple as a layer developing miniature wrinkles, scratching of the coating, or the impact of sun/weather. The result is a window with a foggy appearance.


Other times, the foggy appearance may simply be due to the fact that condensation has built up inside or outside the window. Warm moist air on the inside of the house, coupled with cool air on the outside often make windows a prime spot for the collection of small droplets of moisture.

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