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Milgard Single Hung Replacement Windows

Most people are well-acquainted with the double hung window, but Milgard also offers the less common single hung window. The main difference between them is that the single hung window contains one movable and one permanently fixed sash. This makes for easier opening and closing - no more top pane shimmying downward on its own when you open the latch.

Single hung windows are great for any room in the house. They work especially well in tight locations, where a tilt-out window might obstruct a walkway or narrow path between homes. Open the bottom sash and the window simply slides upward, taking up no more space than if the window were closed.

Milgard’s single hung window also has another great advantage. The bottom sash tilts inward, so no matter which window series you order, you can clean off all the gunk that accumulates from Mother Nature without a ladder and ten-foot squeegee.

Window Options

All Milgard single hung windows come with a lifetime warranty, energy efficient glass, fitted screens and their own patented locking mechanisms. Single hung windows are available in each and every Milgard line.

Added Security

Milgard aluminum series, fiberglass series and one of their vinyl series include the Positive Action Lock on the single hung window, a mechanism designed to automatically lock your single hung window when you close it. No more trying to remember if you locked your windows. Milgard’s two remaining vinyl lines feature the SmartTouch Locking system on the single hung windows. SmartTouch is a sleek locking device that passed rigrous home invasion testing.

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